Saturday, September 6, 2008

NY Fashion Week

This season, I'm doing something different. Instead of describing all of the things that I've been lusting over, I'm going to start a lookbook on If you're interested in checking out what's looking good to me this season, you can search for gumdropsdaily under public lookbooks.

As far as things I'm seeing this season:

-While the models are still mostly white, it seems like I'm seeing a few more models of colors on the runway this season. I'm hoping that this will continue as the major names start their shows and into Europe.

-I'm seeing more rompers and jumpsuits on the runway. Did these really sell well enough to make them worth showing again this season?

-Colors are back! Yay! Things seem to be either brightly colored or black/grey and white/cream. Very few pastels (except for at Erin Featherston) or the neutrals we saw last season.

-Blazers and leather jackets are the new cardigans. Blazers are worn with the sleeves pushed up towards the elbows. Leather jackets are shrunken bombers instead of the biker jackets that we saw in the fall.

-Big, chunky, sternum-length necklaces are all over the place.

I'll be back tomorrow with more reports. Enjoy!

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