Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the Clothes

No, I haven't seen Sex and the City. Yet. In fact, I probably will wait until I can Netflix it. To be honest, I kinda feel like it's being shoved down my throat everywhere I go - the TV ads, the write-ups on the blogs... it feels like everyone's losing their shit over this movie. I can't imagine going the first week either. I don't want to sit in a theater with a bunch of what Jezebel has dubbed "Scary Sadshaws" (you know, the girls who watch the show and say "I am so a Samantha! This is so like my life!" even though they're all of seventeen and think that Juicy Couture terrycloth pants count as designer gear). Let's be honest... the whole point of SATC was that it wasn't like anyone's life. Nobody could live on Carrie's salary and afford all those clothes. Nobody's sex life involves that many "zany hijinks". In my opinion, what people really responded to was the frank discussion of sex (yes, girls do kiss and tell) and the relationship between the girls. But why people really watched was the fashion. And to be honest, I could care less about the plotline to the movie. I'm pretty sure I could watch the movie on mute. I just want to see the clothes.

Now that I've told you about how I'm tired of hearing about that damn movie, here I am writing about it!

What I was really impressed by, however, was the styling for the Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie in Vogue in Sex and the City (try to keep up!). I think Andre Leon Talley did the styling, and I know Annie Leibovitz shot the photos. They're fantastic. Take a look at some of my favorites.

Nina Ricci (who also did SJP's gorgeous NYC premiere dress) 

Alexander McQueen (who also did her London premiere dress, which I loved... and yes, I adored her Philip Treacy hat too- it was a great Isabella Blow nod)

Marchesa (who can do no wrong in my book)

Dolce & Gabbana (who I've been really impressed with lately)

If these clothes are an indicator of the fashion in the movie, then I'll be really impressed.

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