Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amelie, the Badass

I always thought superheroes were awesome. They get to have two identities that get two very different types of outfits. There's the everyday wear, and then there's what I like to think of as their badass gear. That's why this year's Met Costume Institute gala's theme "Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy" was so awesome. I'm really hoping to get up to NYC to see it before it closes in September.

My fashion sense seems to have an alter ego. I talked about her a little bit in this post, but she would be called Amelie and she's a Parisian risk taker. She's the one who can rock the leather. She's the one who wants to mix Rodarte with Balenciaga and would look awesome doing it. Amelie is the one who thinks Prada can totally be wearable in Mississippi. She thinks Georgina Sparks' wardrobe from Gossip Girl is the epitome of cool. And she once considered the feasibility of lame leggings in a Southern summer (luckily I stepped in and told her that was not a good idea).

So when I was searching through the Shopbop sales the other day and stumbled across these shoes, Amelie was the one who lusted over them.

SO friggin COOL. They remind me a lot of the AW08 Givenchy collection. I can totally see these worn with the Parisian outfit from my earlier post. I can also see Gwenyth Paltrow's walking the red carpet for Iron Man in these shoes (the girl has been wearing amazing shoes to the premieres lately!). They also come in a nude color that is equally as fierce.

Personally I (I mean Amelie) think that these would be hot with this outfit.

The girl who can rock this outfit is my hero.

So from now on, Amelie will be making guest posts occasionally. Get excited. She's pretty awesome.

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