Sunday, April 20, 2008

GO GO Target GO!

Hello, my name is Emily, and I am a Targetaholic. No, really, it's an issue.

For example, I'm addicted to the GO International collections.  I have stuff from the Paul and Joe collection, the Behnaz collection, and I bought a TON of pieces from the Libertine collection. However, I've not been super-impressed with the quality of the most recent collections.

So then the other day I ran into Target to get a razor (because when you gross yourself out, it's time to shave), and I ran across the latest collection. This collection was done by Target's in-house design team, so I hadn't really given it a whole lot of attention up until that point. Let me tell you this now: it may be my favorite collection so far. 

And now for show and tell about the stuff I got!

This top may not look like anything special, but let me explain why it is:
1. This picture doesn't do justice to it, but the color is a really beautiful, slightly-darker-than- royal blue.
2. Pleats along the chest are difficult for those of us with....ahh.... bountiful chests to wear. Sometimes they manage to make your boobs look like shelves that you could serve meals off of. Sometimes they make you like pregnant. This manages to do neither of the above, and also manages to conceal a bit of a tummy.
3. My favorite part - the racerback!

I truly believe that the racerback is the most underrated sexy back to a piece of clothing. It's also incredibly flattering to almost everyone - very few people think that they have fat shoulderblades.

I love, love, love this top! I've written about how much I love ombre before. This shirt also reminds me somewhat of Rodarte's S/S collection. This picture does a bad job of showing it, but there's a really beautiful sea green on the right side that then fades into a light coral/peach, and then the grey. It's just an amazingly beautiful shirt.

Seeing this collection makes me hopeful for Rogan's collection, which should hit stores May 15. Plus it's eco-friendly!

Finally, if you're as Target-obsessed as I am, know that we are not alone. Check out Slave to Target for moral support (or shopping inspiration).

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