Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Art and News

When I turned 21 (once up a time...) my mother gave me this painting as my birthday present. I had seen this painting (River Reeds by Dale Chihuly) many many years ago, and so I knew when I picked this piece as my gift, it would be a gift that I would enjoy for many many years.

It's hanging by my couch in my den now. As I was thinking about what I wanted to write about today, I looked over at the piece and was struck by how on-trend it was. I've written about how art-inspired fashion was very popular this season, and while I can identify many designers who were directly inspired by Piet Mondrian and Richard Prince definitely influenced Marc Jacob's Louis Vuitton collection, I think this print would also be a great inspiration for a designer who isn't afraid of color. Marc, could this be for you?

Now for some news from me: I will be spending the rest of the week meeting the boyfriend's dad for the first time. I'm really nervous but also really excited. Unfortunately, this means that I will be taking a temporary break from the blog. I have been thrilled by the feedback that I've gotten from y'all and I hope that you will continue to leave me sites and notes while I'm gone. I will be checking in when I can. I should be back early to mid-week next week, so I hope that you'll at least come back then!

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Modelmycloset said...

I really like that painting. And I have noticed a lot of designers are making their dresses look like art =) (which I love!!). And goodluck meeting the b/f's parents!
Great blog.


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