Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Light bright, part deux

I seem to be obsessed with lighting lately. I think that this might be because although I've altered almost everything in my house to look the way that I want it, the light fixtures haven't been changed. The ones in my house are hideously generic. These would be so pretty instead, don't you think?

Although these lamps are lined with copper, they also give off the color of rose gold, which is a big trend in fashion right now. I like to think that these would give off an incredibly rosy glow, which would be so flattering for a dinner party (if I was the type to throw dinner parties... or cook, for that matter). I love the look of having a grouping of these like the picture above, but I also think that a single lamp would look great centered over a Saarinen table like this one:
Perfection, right? Shit, now I want to redecorate my entire dining room. Y'all are a bad influence!

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