Monday, January 14, 2008

The first

I want a hedgehog. 
Seriously, how can you not look at these things and not think that they are absolutely adorable?
However... I can't have one because a) my hound doggy puts everything in her mouth, and this would be the best chew toy EVER and b) they're nocturnal and I would want it to play with me during the day.

That never stopped me from asking my parents for one every single Christmas. And of course, they said no. So a few years ago, my mom started getting me a collection of hedgie figurines that I keep around my house and they make me
 super happy.
*Note: I may be the last person that you know that doesn't have a digital camera. HOWEVER, I have a birthday coming up in t-minus less than a month and am expecting one then. In the meantime, deal with the fact that I'm using Photo Booth to take my pictures and they aren't of the greatest quality.*

This is the toy that started it all. This is Señor Hedgehog. Why is he Spanish? I'm not exactly sure, other than the fact that my brother decided that he needed a Spanish accent, and I just went with it. Thus, he was dubbed Señor Hedgehog. He's been very well loved on by my puppy.

Here's a super cute little chubby hedgehog. It's got a little groove on it's bottom that makes it so that it could sit along the edge of a potted plant, but since I've managed to kill every houseplant I've ever had, he just chills on a side table and looks fat and happy.

This was last Christmas's hedgie. It's supposed to be a Christmas tree ornament, but I leave it out year round. It's got an apple stuck to its spines because there's a Roman legend that hedgehogs would climb apple trees, shake the fruit off the branches, then roll around in the fallen fruit, getting them stuck on its spines, and then taking the apples back to their dens. Hedgehogs can't climb, but it's a pretty cute image, right?

This is the latest addition to my hedgie family. It's called Little 
Hedgehog Goes Fishing and is hanging in my bathroom and makes me smile whenever I get out of the shower. It's by an awesome Etsy artist named Emily Martin. Check back tomorrow and I'll tell you more about the awesomeness of her artwork and her Etsy site!

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