Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I tried to resist... I really did...

... but now that NYC/London/Milan/Paris fashion weeks are over, I have to at least talk a little bit about some things that I like!

From Chanel:
First of all, let me just say how happy I am that the "it" Chanel polish will be silver because I already own a great (inexpensive!) silver polish so I will not be fighting the masses for the Chanel version when it hits stores in the fall.
Unfortunately, this means that I'm now coveting something more expensive! I think these shoes are funky enough but can still be really classic. I even kind of like the heels, and I'm usually really particular about heels.

from Sonia Rykiel:
I liked the clothes at this show fine. That's not what I got excited about. Sonia's shows are known for looking like fun. The models actually smile! Plus the finale always looks like a party. Last spring the models skipped barefoot carrying feather boas. This year was all about sequins and hats.

Irina can juggle and work the runway!

Rose-colored glasses... maybe that's the secret to her smile!

I'd smile too if I got to wear a crown and a party dress!

They even got Karlie to smile! Oh my god... I had forgotten she was fifteen!

Finale Fun!

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